A summary of my term in IACP (2015-2017)

This blog is a short summary of my experience of serving as a student member and chair of communication committee in the board of directors in the International Association for China Planning (IACP) from October 2015 to September 2017. I would like to thank my team and friends, colleagues, mentors and my wife for their support.

In the past two years (2015-2017), IACP communication committee has successfully built and launched a new IACP official web portal, a new conference registration website, a new membership application and query website, a new award application website, and a new Wechat public platform. These online services have provided a more convenient, friendly, and interactive supporting environment for IACP members. They have been extensively tested and used in the 2016 IACP conference in Beijing, 2017 IACP conference in Harbin as well as other daily uses. The official IACP web portal has received more than 15,000 unique visits and more than 32,000 page loads since its launch in the last day in 2016.
Members of IACP communication committee has edited and published more than 90 Wechat articles since its launch in March 2016 with support from IACP academic affair committee. These articles included more than 20 faculty highlights, attracting a total of more than 48, 000 reads.
These services and work would not be possible without the hard work and voluntary services by a group of IACP members. They are:

  • Jianzheng Liu, Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Hong Kong, and visiting researcher at University of Cambridge;
  • Farran Fangru Wang, PhD candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology;
  • Chloe Chang Liu, PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong;
  • Haotian Zhong, PhD candidate at Texas A&M University;
  • Jessie Jie Li, Postdoctoral research associate at King’s College London;
  • Xiongbin Lin, PhD candidate at Peking University;
  • Junping Xu, visiting professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;
  • Xiaoping Yu, Researcher at Beijing Jiaotong Unversity;
  • Xu Ding, consultant, Shanghai Yuchuang company.

Special thanks should go to Chloe Chang Liu, who helped with both the website design and various Wechat editing tasks, Farran Fangru Wang who helped code the conference registration website, Haotian Zhong who helped many Wechat editing tasks, and IACP members as well as board members who helped make these happen.


在IACP学术事务委员会的支持下,IACP通讯委员会自2016年3月以来一共编辑发布了90多篇Wechat文章。这些文章包括20多篇教师风采介绍(IACP faculty highlights),一共吸引了超过48,000次阅读量。

  • 刘建政,香港大学博士后研究员,剑桥大学访问学者;
  • 王放如,乔治亚理工学院博士生;
  • 刘畅,香港大学博士研究生;
  • 仲浩天,德州农工大学博士生;
  • 李劼,伦敦国王学院博士后研究员;
  • 林雄斌,北京大学博士研究生;
  • 许君萍,北卡罗来纳大学教堂山分校;
  • 于晓萍,北京交通大学;
  • 丁旭,上海育创教育;