A summary of my term in HKU Senate and Court

This blog is a short summary of my experience of serving as a member in the Senate and Court at The University of Hong Kong from 2013 to 2014.

Dear fellow postgraduate students,

As my term as the postgraduate student representative in the University Senate and Court ends soon, may I present you a summary of my job in the past year.

  1. Speaking for all the postgraduate students’ welfare
    – Sharing students’ concern in research and career in PVC (Research) Search Committee meetings and interviews.
    – Talking to Vice Chancellor and speak in Senate meetings on students’ desire for oversea experience and writing support
    – Proposing and submitting A Proposal of Research Excellence and Career Placement for HKU RPGs “Bridging Project” to Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Dean of Graduate School.
  2. Meeting with Graduate School and Asking for more enhanced writing support
    – Graduate School hosted several workshops on paper writing and publishing afterwards.
  3. Meeting with Library and Dealing with complaints on Learning space and Inter-library loan quotas
    – Librarian agreed to consider proposed policy on overnight learning space and agreed to make an exception for students who need more inter-library loan quotas.
  4. Promoting Open Access to all HKU PGs and Co-organizing Open Access international conference
    – Four HKU-PGs were awarded Travel Scholarship and two HKU-PGs were waitlisted for International Conference OpenCon 2014 in Washington D.C.

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I want to thank my colleagues and friends in Postgraduate Student Association, my supervisor and friends in DUPAD for their support and help. And thank you for voting for me last November, my friends. Thank you for casting your trust on me.

LIU Jianzheng
Postgraduate Student Representative in the Senate 2013-2014




  1. 向大學教務委員會以及學校行政高層反映一些研究生同學們在學習和研究中遇到的問題:
    – 作為委員之一在副校長(研究)遴選委員會會議及候選人面試中反映研究生在職業生涯安置和研究支持中遇到的問題,
    – 作為研究生代表在大學教務委員會以及和校長的會議中反映研究生對海外研究經驗和寫作支持的訴求,
    – 向校長、首席副校長以及研究生院院長提交了“造橋工程-為香港大學研究型研究生實現卓越研究和職業生涯安置的遠景計畫“,以引起學校對研究生培養和支持工作的重視;
  2. 與研究生院會談並要求更好的寫作支持:
    – 後來研究生院開設了多個關於論文寫作和出版的工作坊;
  3. 與圖書館會談處理關於學習空間和館際互借配額不足的投訴:
    – 圖書館同意為需要的同學提供更多的館際互借配額,並表示考慮有效利用學習空間的建議;
  4. 向研究生宣傳開放獲取(Open Access) 並參與組織國際開放獲取會議:
    – 四名港大研究生同學被授予1500美金的旅遊獎學金,在華盛頓參加了國際會議OpenCon2014。




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