Introducing Visual Researcher Kim Albrecht’s website

I found a website of brilliant visualizations. The creator of these visualizations is Kim Albrecht, a visual researcher at metaLab in Berlin. Here is his website:
I copy a list of his visualization projects here:

  1. trump connections
  2. science paths
  3. 9/11
  4. movies of the 21 century
  5. cosmic web
  6. untangling tennis
  7. charting germany
  8. culturegraphy
  9. blood money
  10. data & typo
  11. meteorites
  12. atlas of powerlaws
  13. billionaires
  15. analysis of space
  16. typafrica

Here I would like to show several of these interesting visualizations.

Trump Connection

The first project entitled Trump connection is a network graph visualization of 1500 individuals and organizations connected directly and indirectly to Donald Trump.

Credit by Kim Albrecht

Through Kim’s website, you can also explore and search certain names. For example, I searched Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. Here is what I got.

You see, Jack Ma invested a company called CADRE in New York, which Jared Kushiner, the son-in-law of Trump, also invested.

Social Change in Germany

It is quite surprising, at least for me, a Chinese, to learn that there is still a widespread approval in the former communist east Germany. Kim Albrecht’s note for this is socialism is generally a good idea — it was just executed poorly.

All photos in this page are from Kim Albrecht.